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Wait, This Isn’t Math Class! What Are Oil Additives?

Understanding Your Vehicle’s Motor Oil

Although we’re talking about vehicle maintenance and repair, not math, your savings in repair bills will surely add up if you change your oil regularly. Your car’s life span is a function of how well it’s cared for. Come experience the difference you’ll find at AutoStream Car Care in Columbia, Maryland, where our Rewards Program will subtract money from your next repair bill. We promise to explain the addition of oil additives and give you our undivided attention.

A Review of Oil’s Functions

Even though it’s not a mathematical function, oil serves some critically important functions in your engine. Motor oil lubricates the moving engine parts. This keeps the friction from becoming so great that parts disintegrate, allowing metal parts to warp or shave off into filings that then damage other components. Further, the lubricant absorbs and removes a great deal of the heat generated by friction in an internal combustion engine. Finally, oil grabs and suspends dirt particles, holding them away from the parts they can damage. It’s important to ensure that your car has enough clean oil. Clearly, lack of oil will quickly become a serious problem. What’s more, it can break down as it ages, losing its ability to perform well. Old oil and dirt can combine to yield sludge.

Adding Additives

Oil works well as a lubricant, but not by itself. That’s why about 15% of commercially produced oil (the kind you find bottled on a store shelf) is additives. These chemical compounds do some helpful things such as reduce corrosion and wear within your engine. Also, they can help your oil retain its essential properties for a longer period of time, reducing the frequency of your oil changes. Besides the additives that are included when you buy oil, other compounds are available for purchase. Known as aftermarket additives, they’re designed to replenish those additives that might be depleted over time. Some mechanics value the aftermarket additives because they believe them to extend oil life and more adequately protect the engine.

Does Adding Additives Add Up?

Car enthusiasts have varying opinions about additives. Some are strong believers, while others question if additives really improve a car’s situation much. Some also question whether some compounds counteract one another. How many additives you desire really comes down to personal choice! Just be certain of two things. First, know your manufacturer’s stance on warranty as it relates to all oil change topics. Second, be sure to visit AutoStream Car Care Center for all your oil change needs.

Written by Doug Grills