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Understanding The Differences In Hybrid Repair

What To Expect As A New Hybrid Owner

AutoStream Car Care Center in Ellicott City, Maryland, understands hybrid repair. However, they also know that not every owner understands the differences between hybrid and standard vehicle repair and maintenance. Hybrids are unique in that they utilize a combination engine, switching between a gas-powered motor and an electric. Therefore, while maintenance on the gas-powered side of the equation is similar to that of other vehicles, the electrical components and dependency make these vehicles unique. Therefore, as a hybrid owner, you will want to understand just what makes your car different.

Battery Operated System

The main thing that makes hybrid vehicles unique and different from other traditional cars is the dependence on large battery systems. While many owners may be concerned with the expense of replacing the battery, most systems are designed to last the life of the vehicle. However, as batteries do have a set number of charges, many manufacturers include warranties to cover replacements.

Fewer Oil Changes

One advantage of a hybrid engine is that the gas motor doesn’t sustain as much abuse as in non-hybrid vehicles. The reason wear is less is because the electric engine provides breaks to the standard engine, which equates to less need for frequent oil changes.

Longer Lasting Brakes

Hybrid vehicles come equipped with a regenerative braking system. This system is designed to conserve energy consumption for later use, and in that process, it reduces the amount of friction and heat used for braking. Therefore, the brakes and pads experience less wear and tear, lasting significantly longer than in non-hybrid vehicles.

Complex Wiring and Computer Systems

Last, a hybrid vehicle is significantly more complicated than a traditional car. While many vehicles use computer systems and diagnostics, a hybrid relies on these systems more vigorously. Also, as the hybrid relies on an electric motor, the wiring and systems involved are more interwoven into every facet of the vehicle.

Hybrid vehicles require specialized care. You don’t want to bring your car to a shop or mechanic with little to no experience with your type of vehicle. Therefore, if your hybrid is in need of some maintenance or just an oil change, contact AutoStream Car Care Center and schedule an appointment.

Written by Doug Grills