Top 3 "Future" Car Technologies that Are Already Here

Top 3 “Future” Car Technologies that Are Already Here

We’ve been watching sci-fi movies for many decades now, and movie magic has given us a glimpse into what transportation could look like in the future. We’re still a long ways from teleportation or flying cars (although the flying cars have at least reached the prototype phase). There are several cool inventions that you can find in today’s cars that you may have not realized!

Top 3 “Future” Car Technologies that Are Already Here

Future Car Technologies

1. Self-driving Cars

In the movies, the self-driving car may have been called Herbie the Love Bug, K.I.T.T., or the Batmobile. Engineers and scientists are still in the process of bringing those to fruition. But for now, the self-driving car is technically a self-parking car. Parallel parking is something that causes many drivers anxiety, but self-parking/driving is a common feature among cars. With this self-parking capability becoming more common, it won’t be long before driving is completely hands off.

2. Cars That Communicate

Another technology that we’ve seen for years on television, and in real life, are cars that are able to communicate with us. With GPS systems and OnStar technology, that’s nothing new. However, cars that communicate with each other are a new development. To ensure road safety, the Department of Transportation is mandating this responsive technology. All vehicles will be manufactured with the ability to be in sync with each other. Notifications will alert drivers of all types of possible dangers from other cars, curves, curbs, and road conditions.

3. Augmented Reality Dashboards

This newest technology is straight out of a Mission: Impossible movie. Your dashboard and your windshield present real-time information for drivers. Imagine hologram-style messaging or images appearing right before your eyes while you drive. The amount of information and the types of information a driver can receive is limitless. With the wave of your hand or sound of your voice, this technology will respond. Mercedes-Benz is leading the way on all of the newest technologies.

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Written by Doug Grills