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The Most Common Air Conditioner Issues

Hot, Hot, Hot

If you’re a fan of 1980s or calypso style music, you’re likely familiar with the catchy tune “Hot, Hot, Hot.” Great song! Horrible feeling if that describes the inside of your vehicle! Typical July temperatures top out in the mid-80s in Annapolis, Maryland. That leaves the inside of your automobile quite toasty after it has been left parked in the sunshine. Even if you’re a lover of summertime, you’re going to want your vehicle’s AC to work as it should. For preventive maintenance and reliable auto AC repair, count on AutoStream Car Care Center.

Common Issues

It probably comes as no surprise that the best way to prevent AC trouble is by having your auto’s system checked and serviced at regular intervals. Often, the optimal time to take care of air conditioner maintenance is before hot weather arrives. No matter when you recognize an issue, however, we’re here to help. Our certified technicians have experience with all makes and models, so we’re well versed in the most common problems. If your car’s AC isn’t producing enough cold air (or any at all), the system may not have enough refrigerant. The refrigerant will leak out if even a tiny hold develops anywhere in the system. When the level decreases enough, the air conditioner can’t cool as it should. Also, your AC could have a stuck air blend door. True to its sound, this part allows warm and cool air to mix to achieve the specified cabin temperature setting. This problem most often crops up just as warm air arrives for the season because the door has become stuck while sitting unused over the winter season. Further, the system needs to remove heat and return cooled air to the condenser during the heat exchange process. The condenser can become blocked or punctured due to flying road debris, rendering this component unable to exchange heat. Additionally, fans work to cool the condenser. If they stop working, the refrigerant remains too hot to cool the air that’s entering the passenger cabin. The compressor is another crucial component. If it stops working, the system can’t cool. Failure to work at all can point to an electrical problem. An electrical issue such as a broken wire may prevent power from reaching the AC.

Great Auto AC Repair

Before your system goes on the fritz, let us ensure its health with preventive maintenance services. If you already know a problem has developed, trust the experts at AutoStream Car Care Center for auto AC repair. Not only can we fix your system and cool off your car, but we also back our work with a warranty and offer specials to help you save money.

Written by Doug Grills