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The Importance of a Clean Auto Air Filter

Don’t Choke Your Vehicle

Envision this. Your hands are wrapped around your vehicle in the area where the hood hinges onto the body. You’re squeezing it so tightly that the windshield bulges out toward you like giant eyeballs. As it struggles to breathe, your car manages to stammer between gasps, “Don’t choke me!” This may sound a little far-fetched since you can’t literally wrap your hands all the way around your automobile’s “neck,” and the car can’t speak English. Yet that’s what you’re doing to it figuratively if you don’t keep the air filter clean. For this preventive maintenance service and all other mechanical auto repairs, count on AutoStream Car Care Center in Annapolis, Maryland.

Why It Matters

It’s out of sight, so maybe it’s out of mind. It’s just an air filter, so the car will still operate if you don’t change or clean it today. It’s not that dirty, is it? Those attitudes about your vehicle’s air filter can cost you. A clean air filter does a lot, so it’s actually very important to your transportation. Many models have air filters that are designed to be replaced at each specified interval, while some have a longer-lasting component that is designed to be cleaned at specified times and then replaced at extended intervals. Check your owner’s manual to be sure of what your auto requires. A clean air filter helps your vehicle’s overall performance. The combustion process that provides operational power relies on the air intake. A clogged filter restricts the airflow, reducing the efficiency of combustion. The result is less power and reduced fuel economy. Further, your engine has to work harder to overcome the impact of a nasty air filter, so it will actually last longer if you keep this component clean. Also, because an adequate air supply improves combustion and allows it to be complete, there is less unburned fuel and, therefore, fewer toxins emitted into the atmosphere. Thus, a clean air filter is good for the environment, too. While you can’t avoid the filter becoming dirty because micro-hazards such as dirt, bugs, and salt are everywhere, you can control how well your engine is protected with timely air filter replacement or cleaning, as applicable.

Great Preventive Maintenance Service and Repair

If you need help keeping your air filter clean and your vehicle operating at its best, look no further than AutoStream Car Care Center. Our ASE-certified technicians are prepared to help you with any make or model. For great preventive maintenance services and auto repair, count on us.

Written by Doug Grills