Is It Dangerous To Drive On Old Tires? | Hampden of Baltimore | AutoStream Car Care Center

The Dangers of Old Tires

It’s About More Than Tread

When you think of how you evaluate the driveability of your tires, you probably think first of how much tread your tires have left. While it is a good idea to monitor the tread depth on your tires, tread depth is not the only indicator of the health of your tires. If your tires are more than six years old, it’s likely time to replace them, as driving on old tires presents a whole new set of dangers. Old tires can be prone to blow-outs, especially at highway speeds, due to rubber deterioration and weak spots which develop over time/

Determining the Age of Your Tires

The Department of Transportation number on your tire can give you the information you need to determine the age of your tires. Tires made before 2018 have a code number on the sidewall of your tire, which ends in a three-digit code. If your tires have this type of code, it’s long past time to change them out for new ones. All tires made after 2000 ended in a four-digit code where the last two digits represent the year of the tire’s manufacture and the first two digits represent the week in which it was manufactured. There is some difference between what car and tire manufacturers recommend as the useable life of a tire, and therefore, you’ll see a range from 6-10 years or so. There are no federal standards for how old a tire can be before it’s deemed unsafe. If you have concerns about the age of your tire, consider bringing your vehicle to a certified repair shop like AutoStream Car Care Center in Hampden of Baltimore. The technicians will be happy to speak with you about your tires and make recommendations for the repair or replacement of old, damaged, or worn tires. You can trust the AutoStream Car Care Center team to be upfront and honest in their assessment of the safety of your tires and the recommendations they make for replacements suitable for your vehicle and driving habits.

Tire Repair and Replacement Experts

The AutoStream Car Care Center team is made up of experts in all areas of vehicle maintenance and repair, including tire repair and replacement. The technicians will inspect your tires, diagnose any issues and make recommendations for repair or replacement based on the needs of your vehicle and your driving habits. Why not give them a call today to make an appointment to have your vehicle inspected or stop by the shop to speak to the team in person?

Written by Doug Grills