Caring For Your Tires Helps Avoid Tire Repairs | Ellicott City, MD | AutoStream Car Care Center

Take Care of Your Tires To Avoid Repairs

Tips for Caring for Your Tires

A simple tip for keeping your tires in top shape and your vehicle safe on the road is to inspect your tires on a regular basis. Take a walk around your vehicle every week and examine your tires for damage, foreign objects, and anything that looks off. Should you find anything out of the ordinary, your best course of action is to take your vehicle to a certified auto repair shop like AutoStream Car Care Center in Ellicott City, MD, to discuss tire repairs or replacement. Another way to maintain the health and longevity of your tires is to ensure you keep them properly inflated. When you get gas, you should take a moment to check the tire pressure and adjust it to the optimum levels for your vehicle, driving environment, and driving habits. Your driving habits have a profound effect on the health of your tires, so being less aggressive in acceleration and braking can extend the life of your tires. Keeping your vehicle aligned and rotating your tires according to the recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle also makes a big difference in the life of your tires.

To Repair or Replace?

If you notice damage to your tires during one of your regular inspections, you may have the option to repair the tire instead of replacing it. The main determining factors for repair versus replacement include the location and size of the damage. If the damage is anywhere but in the treads–like on the sidewalls–you’ll likely need to replace the tire, but damage in the tread under ¼ inch in diameter can often be repaired, which saves you money. Bring your vehicle to the team at AutoStream Car Care Center to speak with customer service advisors about the options for your tires.

Bring Us Your Tire Repairs!

When you bring your vehicle to AutoStream Car Care Center with a damaged tire, you’ll first speak with a customer service advisor who will help you understand the process of tire repair and the viability of a repair for your damaged tire. Next, the certified technicians will inspect and diagnose the problem with your tires before recommending a repair or replacement. The repair will consist of both a plug and patch to ensure the repair holds. If you have damaged tires, bring us your vehicle today, and we’ll get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Written by Doug Grills