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Record Breaking Year for Brakes for Breasts Donation

Imagine a vaccine that would create a world free of breast cancer! Or a detection test using saliva. Or if drugs could be delivered directly to the tumor, rather than through other methods that impact the entire body. The Cleveland Breast Cancer Vaccine Research Fund works to develop possibilities for better breast cancer prevention and treatment.

The Brakes for Breasts campaign, an annual fundraiser by local shops around the nation, supports the vision of the Cleveland Clinic for a world rid of breast cancer. During the month of October, AutoStream Car Care Centers in Baltimore, Clarksburg, Columbia, Ellicott City and Woodstock gave away free brake pads with any brake service. Customers paid labor charges with 10% of services going to the Cleveland Breast Cancer Vaccine Research Fund.

Since 2011, the Brakes for Breasts campaign has raised more than $500,000 for breast cancer research. 100% of the amount donated goes directly to breast cancer research. We, at AutoStream Car Care, are thankful for the support of our community during this fundraising campaign. Thanks to our loyal customers, we were able to donate a total of $3,263.10 – the most AutoStream has been able to raise since participating in the program!

Many of us have been touched by this disease, whether it be a family member, a friend or a stranger’s journey online. We’re honored to support the men and women who fight breast cancer through the Brakes for Breast campaign every October.

Stay tuned for our October 2018 campaign! We’ll be looking to our community to help us beat our 2017 donation and help support breast cancer prevention and alternative treatments.

Written by Doug Grills