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Reading the Road Signs: Does Your Vehicle Need a Wheel Alignment?

Knowing When It’s Time for a Wheel Alignment

All drivers are accustomed to signs alongside the roadway. They provide directions, indicate landmarks, and warn of impending dangers. They won’t, however, announce that your vehicle needs a wheel alignment. Even so, if you know what to look for, you’ll surely receive a sign if it’s time to visit AutoStream Car Care Center in Ellicott City, Maryland, for wheel alignment. The causes for poor alignment can vary, but many are attributable to daily life on your local streets. For example, forgetting the neighborhood speed bump and hitting it at full speed can create suspension system issues. Also, an encounter with a bad pothole or repeatedly falling into lesser holes can also be damaging. And, of course, should you be involved in a crash, you may definitely have a problem.

Reading Signs That Aren’t Posted Beside the Road

As mentioned, not every “sign” is a physical object posted for all to see. There are, however, other indicators that should point you toward getting your auto’s wheel alignment checked. For instance, if your steering wheel won’t return to center or isn’t straight as you drive, let us check the car. Also, if you’re trying to drive straight ahead, yet your vehicle is pulling to one side, you could have an alignment issue. Squealing tires may be another giveaway. Bad alignment also frequently causes tires to wear unevenly. They’ll have spots with plenty of tread alongside spots that are worn more or are nearly bare. You’ll probably feel this in a bumpier, less smooth ride. The longer the problem is left unaddressed, the greater the concerns become. If the problem is severe enough over the long term, you’re likely to have to purchase new tires sooner than you had planned. You may even have unplanned expenditures to repair damage to other suspension system components.

Wheel Alignment That’s Convenient for You

As soon as you suspect a wheel alignment problem, schedule an appointment to have your vehicle checked. As described, waiting never helps the issue, and it could make things worse. When you bring your auto in, one of our ASE certified technicians will use a modern alignment machine. They will connect your car to the equipment using a clamping device at each wheel. Using computer technology for accuracy, the machine will measure all relevant suspension angles. If the vehicle is indeed found to be out of the manufacturer’s designed alignment, gentle pushes and pulls are used to bring the components back into proper relationship with one another and within the acceptable tolerance. When you bring your vehicle to AutoStream Car Care Center in Ellicott City, you’ll find expert wheel alignment conveniently near your home.

Written by Doug Grills