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Check Engine Light Diagnostics Randallstown, MD

Bring That Check Engine Light To Us

You know what light I’m talking about, the one that makes everyone panic. The one that captures our attention and makes us dread the worst. When we crank our vehicles and that check engine light stays on it can fill our heads with questions. What code is being thrown? What system in the vehicle has been compromised? A check engine light is a last-ditch effort by your vehicle to warn you of something wrong happening inside your car. That is why it’s imperative that, when the light comes on, you get yourself to your nearest trusted auto repair shop so they can take a look at the trouble codes being thrown. Don’t have one yet? Then, you've reached the right place with AutoStream Car Care Center.

The Check Engine Light Stops Here

There is a reason we upkeep our facilities and upgrade them as often as possible. Here at AutoStream Car Care Center, we work with the latest and greatest technology in the automotive industry to date. That means you get accurate diagnostic readings the first time around. When you bring a check engine light into our facility, our ASE-certified technicians hook your vehicle up to a computer that runs a diagnostic framework throughout the entire computer of your car. It snags every trouble code being thrown that is causing your check engine light to stay illuminated, and we bring you that information along with plans to fix those codes. Sometimes, it’s as simple as a loose or cracked gas cap, and sometimes it’s as a misfiring piston in your engine that requires replacement. Either way, our work is backed by a two-year/24,000-mile warranty and a lifetime warranty so that no matter what kind of work we do on your vehicle, you’re covered.

Sounds Expensive, Right?

We don't want it to be. This is why a regular maintenance plan for your vehicle is imperative. Staying ahead of issues like faulty spark plugs or failing catalytic converters enables us to fix the issue before it becomes a monetary concern. That's why here at AutoStream Car Care, we developed our V.I.P. Program. Once you spend a certain amount of money in one of our seven auto repair shops, you receive free

lifetime care on things like oil changes and tire rotations. We can make your money work for you as hard as possible. So, come see us at 8527 Liberty Rd Ste A, Randallstown, MD 21133 or give us a call at 410-701-8817. Let us show you why Baltimore County trusts us with all their car care needs, including check engine light diagnostics.