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What Can Drain Your Battery? — AutoStream Car Care Center

Few things are worse for a driver than being stranded in a cold dark parking lot with a dead battery. Most vehicle owners have experienced the frustration of having a car that won’t start because the battery isn’t strong enough to turn the crankshaft. We’re glad to review some of the most common culprits that drain your battery. For all your car battery and charging system checks and repairs, rely on the ASE certified technicians at AutoStream Car Care Center in Annapolis, Maryland. You can trust our shop to steer you in the right direction; we’re AAA approved and offer a lifetime warranty on most car repairs.

Common Culprits That Can Drain Your Battery

Before your dead battery leaves your car (and you) powerless, learn about the most common causes of battery drain. This will enable you to become proactive so that you can prevent potential issues and avoid being stranded. It’s likely that you can guess one of the most frequent causes of a dead battery: you left the lights on! This used to happen more frequently than it does today with the advent of automatic lights, but it can still happen, particularly if your lights are set to manual operation or you drive an older model.

Another problem might actually be weather. Unusually cold or hot temperatures can tax a battery even though the power storage device is equipped to withstand a lot. Routine checking and cleaning of battery terminals is also important. Did you know that loose or corroded terminals are also one of the leading causes of failure of the battery to provide power for starting your auto?

Another problem might be that the battery isn’t charging while you drive. This may be caused by a poorly performing alternator or by repeated short trips that don’t allow sufficient time for charging. Yet another drain might be devices that pull more power than they should. For instance, accessories such as the clock shouldn’t wear the battery down, but this can happen if there is a malfunction. Finally, the battery may just be old. While they are designed to last through multiple years, batteries cannot last forever and eventually require replacement.

Your Local Battery Check and Replacement Shop

If you know that your car’s battery is aging or if you begin to suspect that it’s declining, have one of our technicians check it out for you. We can determine if the problem is indeed the battery or if the issue is a result of the charging system. Should you suddenly experience a dead battery, we offer roadside assistance to help you. AutoStream Car Care Center also offers a Reward Program, saving you trouble and money.

Written by Doug Grills