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Passive or Passion — How will you find a job?

Follow Your Passion Into the Automotive Industry

Most people must have a job to earn essential income, but what kind of job do they have, and how did they come to obtain it? Did they passively take anything that would provide food and shelter, or are they passionate about what they do every day? How about you? Are you one of the 47% of people who enjoy their careers, or are you one of the staggering 53% of Americans who are unhappy at work, 16% of whom actually hate their jobs? We believe that if you follow your passion, you can have both income and happiness. At AutoStream in Baltimore, Maryland, our passion is vehicles. What’s yours?

Turning Your Passion Into Purpose

Some people find purpose in helping others, while others have a passion for cars. For those who enjoy both, what better career than car repair?

There are many opportunities in auto service and repair, so you are sure to find your niche. Opportunities include working for an independent or franchised service/repair shop, a dealership, or a collision repair/body shop.

Within each of these categories, there are numerous specific jobs. These include service department manager, service writer, automotive technician/mechanic, and collision repair technician, among others. You can even choose a particular niche within these particular career paths. For instance, you can make general repairs and perform routine maintenance tasks, or you can focus only on certain repairs like transmissions, brakes, or heating/AC systems.

There are also plenty of automotive-related careers that don’t require you to perform the services or repairs. You may find, for example, that you like selling tools and equipment at an auto parts store, providing car insurance services, teaching automotive technology, or manufacturing vehicle components. Regardless of your choice, if you love the transportation industry, you can find a career that you will enjoy while becoming an asset to your neighbors.

Learning to Put Your Passion to Work

When you love vehicles, you enjoy learning as much as you can about them. You also take pride in knowing how to perform your job well when you’re passionate about what you do. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to prepare yourself for your career in auto repair. In a few instances, you may be successful with on-the-job training. More likely, you may find that you need one or multiple ASE certifications. There are many certification areas, some for passenger vehicles, others for heavy-duty vehicles, etc. Particular combinations of certifications and testing lead to Master ASE status. Your local community college probably offers a certificate or Associate Degree programs, and universities offer engineering degrees should you want to pursue that.

Visit AutoStream in Baltimore, Maryland, to see what we do and what career opportunities we have available. Perhaps you can put your passion for service and repair practice, too.

Written by Doug Grills