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Navigating Car Repair Costs

Budgeting and Payment Advice

It’s no secret that we love having transportation, but hate paying for it — particularly costly repairs. If your budget is tight, financing vehicle fixes can feel like navigating choppy waters in a tiny rowboat. You have to find a means to get to the end, but it certainly isn’t easy. To help set a course through somewhat smoother water, let AutoStream in North Baltimore, Maryland, assist you with your auto repair needs.

Assessing, Prioritizing, and Using Common Sense

If you’re fortunate enough to have enough cash on hand to pay for all your needed car repairs, that’s great! However, if you find that you’re a little short, you may find it helpful to consult with our ASE certified technicians who can help you honestly assess your car’s situation and prioritize specific repairs.

Safety should always be your first priority. You shouldn’t ignore potential hazards such as bad brakes or tires showing signs of impending failure. A mechanic can then help you prioritize those issues that can cause damage to your car or truck if left untended or put other drivers on the road at risk.

With the big items lined up and budgeted for, you can move to secondary repairs. These include unaddressed engine sludge buildup, problems that cause the vehicle to overheat, etc. Final concerns are cosmetic or accessory repairs, such as replacing a lost hubcap or fixing a broken radio. Our staff is knowledgeable, fair, and able to help you determine a sensible course of action when you find it necessary to prioritize repairs and complete them in waves rather than all at once.

Finding Ways to Pay for Needed Repairs and Save Money

When paying for car repairs, you have a few options to weigh. First, you can obviously pay cash if you have it available. Another available resource for many people is a credit card. This will allow you to make the repairs you need now while paying later. Just be aware that you are paying interest on any amount not paid off within the current billing cycle.

An additional consideration may be any benefits paying with a particular card offers. For instance, some people earn rewards (cashback, travel miles, gift points, etc.) on transactions made using their credit cards. Thus, you may find an advantage by paying with plastic. In other cases, you may turn to alternative financing methods. Some mechanics offer in-shop financing, or you may apply for a short-term “payday” loan or a longer-term personal loan.

The good news is that there are ways to lessen the financial impact of car repairs. First, you should opt for routine maintenance and service rather than skipping it. It will keep your car in good shape and running longer, saving you money over time. Also, you can take advantage of the various specials offered by North Baltimore, Maryland’s AutoStream. These include coupons for services and repairs such as coolant fluid exchange, brake service, and tire rotation and balance, as well as a $25 new customer referral reward. Let us know how we can both assist you and save you money!

Written by Doug Grills