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Maintaining the AC System in Your Car

Mold in The Car’s AC? Gross!

Who knew there could be mold growing in the car’s air conditioning system? Isn’t mold something that grows in a dirty bathroom? Yes, it is, but the same conditions that make the bathroom a prime spot for mold and mildew can also exist in those secret climate control spaces in your vehicle. Condensation, humidity, or a water leak can feed mold inside your car or truck. In fact, the AC system is actually a great environment for growing mold. Air from outside the vehicle, which is brought inside by the air conditioner, contains mold spores. If moisture has become trapped inside AC hoses and spores settle there, mold can take hold without you even knowing about it. When this happens, you’ll need to have the system professionally cleaned and serviced to ensure that the problem is cured. The experts at AutoStream Car Care in Ellicott City, Maryland, are ASE certified in AC repair and can assist you with getting rid of your car’s nasty secret.

Ways that Your Car Reveals its Secret

Perhaps you’re wondering how to tell if there’s mold growing inside your car’s air conditioning system. There are a few recognizable signs. First, you’re likely to notice an odd odor. When you turn on the AC, and something smells wet and musty, you may have mold. If you begin experiencing breathing troubles when riding in an air-conditioned car, have your vehicle checked for mold. Another potential sign may be that the air blowing from the vents is not very cool when you turn on the air conditioner. Perhaps mold is clogging your air filter. This can also be a sign of other issues such as insufficient refrigerant or a filter clogged by another substance. If your car is telling you it may be moldy, don’t ignore it.

Mold’s Disgusting Impact

Mold can take a toll on your health and your vehicle. In human terms, you may experience one or more of mold’s known health complications such as allergies, breathing problems, infections, headaches, fatigue, etc. Your car, one of your major investments, may suffer, as well. Left unaddressed, mold in the AC system can spread spores around inside the car. Warmth and humidity can then cause mold to grow anywhere in the car, including on the carpet, the seats, etc. Don’t risk this happening! At the first sign that mold might have taken hold inside your vehicle’s air conditioning system, contact AutoStream Car Care in Ellicott City, Maryland.

Written by Doug Grills