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Long Live Your Car! (With Proper Maintenance)

Tips for Making Your Car Last

A vehicle is a major purchase for most people. It can often represent your ability to live more easily and take care of your family. It takes you to your job, to purchase groceries, to the soccer game, and back safely to your home again. Therefore, you want the car you buy to last as long as possible. Fortunately, today’s autos can usually last a considerable length of time with proper care. For all your preventive maintenance service and repair needs, entrust your vehicle to the ASE certified technicians at AutoStream Car Care Center in Annapolis, Maryland.

Preventive Maintenance Services Extend the Life of Your Car

As much as your vehicle does for you (in terms of transport, safety, and creature comforts), there is needed care that your car can’t do for itself. Eventually, it’s your turn to return the favor to your auto. Staying on top of maintenance and making timely repairs will greatly extend a car’s life expectancy. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that one of the most crucial services you can obtain for your auto is a routine oil change. Motor oil lubricates the moving metal parts in your internal combustion engine, reducing friction. It also carries away a great deal of heat generated by that friction. Further, it suspends dirt, keeping it away from the parts it can harm. When oil ages and breaks down, it can combine with dirt to form sludge. You can see, therefore, why it’s important to ensure an adequate supply of fresh lubricant.

Also, don’t forget about your tires. Making sure your air pressure is correct helps you get maximum tread life and allows for a safer ride. It’s particularly important to monitor PSI when the temperature drops. Keep watch over the tread depth as well;. at a minimum, never let it go below 2/32 without replacing your tires. It’s also important to follow a schedule (as recommended by the manufacturer or established with your service technician) for rotating and balancing tires. This will promote even wear.

Take stock of fluid levels, too. Top off power steering fluid, coolant, windshield wash, and transmission fluid as needed. Although needed less frequently, remember that you’ll also eventually need a tune-up with spark plug change, battery replacement, and belt/hose replacement. Fortunately, AutoStream Car Care Center in Annapolis, Maryland, can handle all of these routine maintenance needs for any make or model.

Your Partner for Vehicle Service and Repairs

Although you want your car to last, you may be concerned that you can’t keep up with all the needed service points. Worry no more! That’s why you have AutoStream Car Care Center just down the street at our new Annapolis location. Not only are all our technicians certified and friendly, some have also achieved ASE Master Certification status. Take advantage of our warranty and rewards while extending vehicle usability.

Written by Doug Grills