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Keeping Your Car Pollen-Free

Have you gone outside to start your car recently and seen a yellow dust coating the entire surface of your vehicle? Spring is upon us and that means pollen is about to take over the great outdoors, including turning our cars yellow. What many do not know is that there are several different types of pollen, some of which can stick to the surface of your car and cause staining and other damaging effects to the paint.

Pollen Washing Techniques

Car with Pollen

There are many techniques to removing pollen from your car but some can cause more damage than you would think. Just simply wiping or spraying your car with water is not enough to fully rid your car of the yellow particles. The pollen attaches to its surface and these methods of cleaning would not begin to remove those lingering pieces that may stick to the car hood or roof. This is where the main problem lies and knowing how to effectively remove pollen from your car is the solution.

We find that the best way to keep your car pollen-free this Spring season is to be patient and take your time with soap and a bucket. Thoroughly hand washing your car is the best method to remove pollen safely without causing harm to the paint and exterior. By scrubbing every inch and corner of your car, the pollen particles have no way of surviving nor damaging your car any further. Also make sure to find a soap that is made specifically for washing cars rather than a household dish soap, which has the potential to leave stains as well.

It is important to remember to not neglect your car of several nice washes throughout the pollen season. Even if you only have time to take your car to hands free car wash, that is better than not washing your car at all and causing pollen to build up. For extra measures, consider waxing your car right before pollen season begins or right after you wash your car. This will provide extra protection to your car paint and keep your car looking smooth and glossy.

So let’s commit to keeping our cars pollen-free this season and clean them regularly to prevent undesired paint scratches and stains. Have some other spring maintenance that you need to schedule for your car? Give us a call at one of our four convenient locations or click here to make an appointment today.

Written by Doug Grills