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It’s Cool to be Cool

Staying Comfortable in Your Car

It’s a hot summer day. As you start out on your drive, you turn on the air conditioner, and all you get is warm air blowing through the vents. That’s not cool! Your vehicle’s AC system is designed to keep you comfortable even in balmy weather. If it’s no longer doing its job, let Baltimore, Maryland’s AutoStream provide you with the service or repair needed to make your ride comfortable again.

Signals for Service

Most of us take our car’s AC for granted. We turn a dial or press a button, and we expect it to work. We notice little more than the pleasant environment inside the car or truck as we travel. When the air conditioner needs service or repair, however, we usually notice quickly. Some cues often tip us off.

The most obvious clue is that the air blowing through the air conditioning vents isn’t as cool as it used to be. Another warning sign is a new and unexpected rattling or banging when you turn on the car’s AC. A wet, musty odor that you notice only when using the AC should also be investigated. A water stain or puddle underneath the dash on the floor may also reveal an AC problem. Similarly, a greasy film on air conditioning components or a greasy looking leak underneath the vehicle could be related to an AC issue, too. Finally, if you do not hear the familiar sound of the AC clutch working (a click) when you set the temperature to its coldest setting, your car likely has a climate control problem.

Common Solutions

If you’re experiencing any of these air conditioning system issues in your car, you should make an appointment to have the certified technicians at AutoStream in Baltimore, Maryland, find the source of trouble.

Often, the solution is as simple as recharging the system by adding refrigerant. (Note: This should not need to be done regularly. If you need additional refrigerant more than every few years, you likely have a leak.) Insufficient refrigerant can cause your system to blow warm air or cause the AC clutch to fail to engage. The dank odor you detect only when trying to cool off could reveal mold growth in the air conditioning system, and that wet area underneath the dash might mean you have a blocked drain. A bad pulley bearing or compressor may be the culprit that creates those odd noises you’re hearing when the AC is running. Regardless of the problem, our qualified staff is well prepared to diagnose the issue and get your AC working properly again. Isn’t that cool?

Written by Doug Grills