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Is Your Vehicle Ready for the Maryland State Inspection?

What to Expect on the Inspection

Like many states, Maryland requires vehicle inspections. Specifically, our state requires most autos to pass an emissions test every two years as well as a safety inspection prior to registration. Obviously, you need and want your car to be roadworthy and meet the mandates so that you can operate legally. When it’s time to document your vehicle’s checklist, visit your local inspection station, AutoStream Car Care Center in Clarksburg, Maryland. Should your car need repairs to meet requirements, we can assist you with that, too.

State Inspection Regulations

If you transfer a vehicle from another state or buy a used car, you’ll have to obtain a safety inspection before you can register it. The state’s guide for technicians includes multiple categories, each with multiple points to check. For instance, our technician will examine the car’s brakes. Critical points include stopping distance, minimum brake pad thickness of at least 2/32″, parking brake integrity, and other mechanical components such as the lining, drum/discs, linkages, and hydraulic parts. The person inspecting will also look at the tires, wheels, suspension, steering, fuel system, lighting, and electrical components. Safety features such as mirrors, windshield wipers, and seat belts will be checked, too. Additionally, the exhaust system will receive a thorough inspection to ensure that it’s intact and functioning properly. This will need checking again every two years.

Requirements That Should Garner Your Attention

Although all aspects of inspection are important, certain points warrant more attention because they lead to inspection failure more often than do other issues. The good news is that these aren’t extremely expensive to repair or even major mechanical problems; they’re things you can actually keep an eye on yourself. For example, take stock of lighting regularly. A frequently seen inspection issue is a simple bad light bulb. This may be a non-functional headlight or a smaller bulb such as that found in a turn signal. You might change this yourself, or we can do that for you. Also, just because your car cranks and rolls, don’t assume that all is well. Take a look at the tires; at the very least, you must have 2/32 tread depth to pass inspection. Finally, examine your windshield wiper blades before the next downpour (or inspection). If there are tears, chips, or other visible problems, it’s time to replace them.

Help with Inspections and Repairs

When you’re ready for state vehicle inspection, bring your car to AutoStream Car Care Center. Our ASE certified technicians can help you demonstrate passing status, and they can also assist you with any needed repairs if there is a problem meeting a requirement.

Written by Doug Grills