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Is a Career in Auto Repair for You?

Why Auto Repair has such High Demand

Do you enjoy working on machines? Are cars one of your passions? A career in auto repair may be for you. This field offers steady work and good pay. Plus, you get to work with your hands and do something that you enjoy.


The educational requirements for auto mechanic jobs vary. Some employers require a certificate; others expect an associate’s degree. In some cases, simply being able to demonstrate that you have the right skills is enough. Although some employers don’t require certification by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, at AutoStream Car Care Center, we expect all our mechanics to be certified.

Compared to many other careers, auto repair is relatively easy to get into in terms of education. In fact, most mechanics receive a lot of their training on-the-job. Depending on the employer, this may be very comprehensive, akin to an apprenticeship. In other cases, it may be much more straightforward, focusing only on the practices and policies of the shop.

New areas of advancement and technology within auto repair are creating lucrative opportunities for people who are willing to invest their time in learning. People will always need to get around in vehicles. So, learning how to work on cars and trucks will set you up for a lasting career.


The responsibilities of an auto mechanic depend on the specific job and shop. However, you can expect to work on transmissions, engines, electrical systems, brakes, fuel systems, and more. Many repair shops work on all parts of a number of brands. Others focus on a single brand. Some shops specialize in certain systems such as brakes or transmissions.

Many mechanic jobs spend a lot of time on maintenance activities such as oil changes and tune-ups. Additionally, diagnosing issues is typically a significant element of auto repair. Most modern vehicles use a large number of computer systems to regulate and operate them. Therefore, knowing how to work with on-board diagnostics is an essential part of this career.

With a median salary of around $41,000, mechanics are well-compensated for their work. Like other career fields, auto repair salaries depend on the location and local cost of living.

Careers at AutoStream Car Care Center

Learn more about a career in auto repair and find out about opportunities at AutoStream Car Care Center by contacting us. Check out our convenient locations around Columbia, MD. We are always looking for skilled and motivated people to join our team.

Written by Doug Grills