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Interesting Traffic Laws at Home and Abroad

It’s All Fun and Games Until You Get a Citation

When you were younger, did an adult ever warn you about your playful actions with the statement, “It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt”? Now that you’re grown up with a driver’s license, you may be tempted to laugh at some traffic laws you’ll find in various jurisdictions. But don’t laugh too loud. After all, it’s all fun and games until you get a citation. If you need help with auto repair, schedule an appointment with AutoStream Car Care Center in Baltimore, Maryland. We’ll be able to assist you with all things mechanical. Unfortunately, you’re on your own if you get a citation!

Know Before You Go: A Sampling of International Travel Laws

If you travel to a foreign country and drive there, you’d better be sure you know the rules of the road. In Ontario, Canada, for example, you cannot race any animal on the road. Japan declares that it’s a violation to wet pedestrians with road spray from your vehicle. While you can’t ride or drive topless in Thailand, you’ll need to wear long black pants and a clean white shirt to drive a taxi in Montreal, Canada. Finally, France is focused on eliminating drunk driving, so you’ll be required to carry a personal breathalyzer device with you.

Home Rules: A Sampling of Domestic Travel Laws

In case you’re thinking that silly sounding laws are found only in other countries, review a few from across the United States. If you think unusual rules aren’t applied here, you’ll quickly find that yes, they indeed exist here. For instance, even if you have a “shiny hiney,” don’t attempt to polish your car with used underwear in San Francisco. Neither can you park in front of the Dunkin’ Donuts in South Berwick, Maine.

Further, you’d better mind your animals as well as your manners. Consider this menagerie of no-no’s: You can’t haul your lamb in your vehicle in Montana unless it has a chaperone. Before you tie an elephant, alligator, or goat to a parking meter in Florida, you must deposit your money for the fee. You have to attach a light to your horse’s tail before riding it along the road at night in Texarkana, Texas, and you can’t let your dog answer the call of nature on a vehicle in Louisville, Kentucky. Finally, unless you’re aiming at a whale, you mustn’t shoot at animals from the car.

Mechanical Assistance

We can’t help you beat a ticket, but Autostream Car Care Center can help you with car repairs. From preventative maintenance to emergency repair needs, our ASE certified technicians are ready to handle it all for any make or model. Come see us at our Baltimore, Maryland, location today.

Written by Doug Grills