How Long Can A Hybrid Be Stored? | Woodstock, MD | AutoStream Car Care Center

Hybrid Batteries & Prolonged Disuse

When You (and Your Hybrid Vehicle) Take a Vacation

Whether you’re taking the trip of a lifetime or simply spending much more time at home, you might not need your hybrid vehicle much for a while. Is it safe to leave the batteries sitting that long? At AutoStream in Woodstock, Maryland, we’ll be glad to answer your questions and make recommendations for you and your vehicle.

Typical Hybrid Battery Recommendations

While you’re away and your car is stored, the good news is that you’re not putting additional miles on the vehicle. The bad news is that this may not be good for a hybrid vehicle. Remember, your hybrid has multiple power sources in battery form. The auxiliary battery runs features such as power windows and the radio. The main battery pack provides electrical voltage to the traction motor. These are different batteries and should be maintained differently when the car is in storage.

Run The Car Every 2 Weeks

Manufacturers typically recommend that you start the car, allowing it to run without operating accessories, for 30 minutes once every two weeks to maintain the auxiliary battery.

Use a Battery Tender

When you’re away for an extended period of time, you can use a battery tender. This device will slowly charge the auxiliary battery, turning itself off when the battery is fully charged. The main battery pack, however, is a bit different. Only dealer or manufacturer certified technicians should attempt to perform needed services.

Ask a Professional

Generally, if you are going to be away for no more than 3 months, the battery pack will be fine. If that time is extended, you may need professional assistance.


If you would like to discuss options for keeping your hybrid batteries “alive and well” when your car is stored, visit us at AutoStream Car Care Center in Woodstock, Maryland. We can give you tips on extending the life of the batteries in storage. Relax! Let us worry about your car’s complex systems!

Written by Doug Grills