4 Things Drivers Should Do to Prepare Their Car for Winter | Autostream Car Care

How to Keep Your Car Running in a Baltimore, MD Winter

Winters in Baltimore, MD can be hard on your vehicle! That’s why good drivers take steps to ensure their vehicle stays healthy and reliable through the cold. Here are some tips to keep your car running through any conditions winter may bring.

Check Your Car’s Battery

The battery in your car works extra hard to move thickened oil throughout the engine and get things moving in colder temperatures. Not to mention, it’s also working hard to pump out warm air to heat the cabin and provide power for your car accessories, like the radio, lights, even your cell phone charger. You can help a sluggish battery take on the cold by limiting the accessories that draw power when you start up. You should also test it at the auto shop to ensure it’s ready to endure whatever weather.

Check Tire Pressure

When winter’s cold temperatures arrive each season, tire pressure can drop dramatically. A difference of 5 to 10 degrees in temperature can impact your tires, so it’s important to check them throughout the season. You may even notice an alert on your dashboard after drastic drops.

Change Your Tires

You wouldn’t leave the house in flip flops in the middle of January. The same logic applies for your car’s tires! Winter tires are designed differently than all-season tires to perform better all around in cold conditions. Most people assume that winter tires are only necessary in the snow and ice. While they can definitely help to provide better traction and control in extreme conditions, winter tires outperform standard ones in the dry, cold weather as well because the rubber doesn’t stiffen as readily. That means smoother and safer handling all winter-long.

Be Prepared for the Worst Case

Even after taking steps to ensure your vehicle can endure winter’s harshest moments, it is still a good idea to prepare an emergency kit incase winter wins over any of your car’s components. The side of the road is a tough place to be during chilly weather, so be sure to keep blankets, gloves, water and snacks on hand. Kitty litter is a great alternative to sand to provide traction in slippery or icy road conditions.

Written by Doug Grills