How does regenerative braking work?

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You’ve heard that all-electric and hybrid vehicles feature regenerative braking, but perhaps you aren’t sure exactly what that is. The short answer is that this braking method, also called “regen,” eliminates a significant portion of the energy wasted by conventional braking. For assistance with your auto’s regen system or any other service and repair needs, count on the certified technicians at AutoStream Car Care Center in Columbia, Maryland. We’re here for you, whether you drive an electric, hybrid, gasoline, or diesel-powered vehicle.

What is Regenerative Braking?

Regenerative braking is a method of recycling energy that would otherwise be lost back into stored energy to power your car. Specifically, when you apply conventional brakes, your auto uses hydraulic action to force metal components against one another. This generates the friction needed to slow and stop the vehicle. The byproduct of the friction is heat. Since heat is detrimental to braking and other components, auto manufacturers engineer their brands to dissipate as much heat as possible into the atmosphere. While this ultimately serves to maintain the car’s ability to stop safely, it wastes a lot of energy. The point of the regenerative system is two-fold. It’s a means of slowing and stopping the vehicle. Still, it’s also a way to retain some of the kinetic energy that would otherwise be lost to friction and heat release, allowing it to be added back to the battery(ies) that is used to power the car.

The Details of Braking for Drivers

When you drive a traditional auto with a combustion engine, you can certainly reduce speed by reducing pressure on the accelerator, but beyond that, you must rely on conventional brakes. With a regen system, when you let off the accelerator and your auto keeps moving forward, though slowing down. Your electric engine begins to run backward, sending the energy from the forward motion back to the battery to be stored for future use. This leads to the practice that has become known to many as single/one pedal driving. That is, to slow the vehicle, you simply remove your foot from the accelerator. The auto does, however, have a brake pedal, and conventional brakes that you will use when lifting off the accelerator do not stop your car or halt it quickly enough.

Your One “Stop” Shop

No matter how you brake or what kind of vehicle you drive, make AutoStream Car Care Center your one-“stop” shop for all your braking service and repair needs. Customer service and safety are our priorities. Our protection extends beyond your visit with our limited lifetime warranty.

Written by Doug Grills

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