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How Does Power Steering Work?

Get Up on the Wheel!

“Get up on the wheel” is a great expression if you’re making passes and winning races on the track. In normal driving circumstances, however, you don’t want to be fighting with the steering wheel and struggling to make a hard turn when your passenger yells out in fear, “Get up on the wheel!” That’s what can happen, however, if you suddenly lose your power steering. It’s difficult– if not nearly impossible– to control your automobile as you twist the steering wheel with all your might. Instead of driving in discomfort and danger, bring your transportation to AutoStream Car Care Center in Annapolis, Maryland, for steering and suspension repair.

How Does It Do That?

Power steering is designed to help the driver. Specifically, power steering makes it easier for a motorist to maneuver his/her vehicle. Without it, steering becomes a physical exercise, and safe maneuvering is compromised. Your automobile may have one of two major types of power steering. A hydraulic system works using fluid force to help you turn the front wheels. An engine-driven pump provides the pressure needed. As you turn, pressure is applied to the steering gear such that the wheels turn. As you turn your wheel, fluid is sent to the hydraulic cylinder so that it can apply force to the wheels. Thus, a small effort on your part makes a big impact on your vehicle. Your automobile may also employ electric power steering. An electric motor uses energy from the auto’s electrical system to assist the driver with steering. Sensors assess the driver’s steering effort or torque. Based on this data, a computer decides how much help the driver needs. This method’s benefit over its counterpart is that it can adapt when driving conditions change.

Powerful Repair Shop for Your Power Steering

To keep your vehicle’s power steering working as it should, you’ll need to keep it free of leaks. We can help you keep that monitored when you bring your automobile in for routine system inspection and preventive maintenance services. In the meantime, more difficulty than usual turning your car could point to a power steering problem because modern steering should be responsive without a great deal of effort. Whether you need service or a remedy, make your appointment for steering and suspension repair with AutoStream Car Care Center.

Written by Doug Grills