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Does It Need Oil? — AutoStream Car Care Center

Your electric vehicle is very different from a traditional combustion model, so you may be wondering if it needs motor oil. Keep in mind that every vehicle–whether gasoline, diesel, hybrid, or all electric–needs preventive maintenance services and occasional repairs. Beyond that, the need for oil is dependent upon your exact make and model. No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, you can rely on the ASE certified technicians at AutoStream Car Care Center in Annapolis, Maryland, for all your vehicle repair needs, including hybrids.

What Do You Have?

Sometimes people use auto terms interchangeably, so it’s important to specify exactly what you have. True to its name, an all electric vehicle operates using only electrical power. Although some individuals also call a hybrid an electric vehicle, this term substitution is not accurate. A hybrid uses a balance of a combustion engine (often a downsized version) and electrical power. Although the percentages of power may vary a little, a hybrid is always inclusive of both power sources.

What Does It Need?

If you own an electric vehicle, it will indeed still need routine mechanical care. You should plan on having your car checked annually. This will help you head off problems and keep your vehicle running well for a long time. At this yearly check-up, your technician will make sure there are sufficient levels of the fluids the electric engine needs. Additionally, a mechanic will look for signs of wear on consumable items such as tires, cabin filters, and windshield wiper blades, as well as check the batteries.

You will not need conventional motor oil changes if your auto is totally electric. Motor oil lubricates the moving metal parts of an internal combustion engine, but your electric vehicle doesn’t have that as a power source. Likewise, you won’t have to worry about changing fuel filters, repairing an exhaust system, replacing spark plugs, or exchanging hoses and belts.

If your vehicle is hybrid, it will still need regular oil changes. Although the combustion engine is not always in use in a hybrid vehicle, motor oil is still essential to its proper functioning. You can consult your owner’s manual or give us a call to determine how frequently your hybrid vehicle needs an oil change.

Local Service and Repair for Your Electric Vehicle

You probably purchased an electric vehicle to save–save gas, save the environment, save on combustion engine repairs. If you bring your electric car to AutoStream Car Care Center, you can also save yourself quite a bit of worry. We’re experienced with all makes and models, including your auto of choice. We can walk you through the services that your particular vehicle will and won’t need, answering your questions along the way. Better yet, we’ll help you keep your electric car on the road as long as possible. And with our free Rewards Card Program, you can earn free future services with each visit to our shop.

Written by Doug Grills