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Gross! Can You Help Me Get Rid Of Engine Sludge?

Preventing Sludge with Oil Changes

Many drivers worry about the outer appearance of their vehicles. They don’t want scratched paint, crumpled bumpers, or mismatched hubcaps. Further, most make some kind of effort to keep the exterior reasonably clean, whether they wash it themselves in the driveway, take it to a drive-through self-service facility, or have it professionally detailed. If one puts this level of care into the cleanliness of the exterior, shouldn’t they take even more care with the engine? Surprisingly, too many car owners never consider the filth brewing under the hood if they allow engine sludge to build up. For more information about sludge and for all your oil change needs, schedule a visit with the ASE certified technicians at AutoStream Car Care Center in Ellicott City, Maryland.

Preventing Engine Sludge

Your engine’s health is dependent upon the motor oil, so an adequate supply of clean lubricant is crucial. Oil serves three functions for your car. First, it reduces friction by lubricating the moving metal parts. If not for the oil, metal particles could shave off, contacting and damaging other components. Also, oil removes some heat generated by the engine’s friction. This helps prevent metal components from warping. Finally, the oil suspends and holds dirt so that it isn’t rubbing against engine parts. As great as oil works in a fresh state, it can break down as it ages. Age is not only a factor of time, but also relative to the number of miles driven. When it breaks down, it doesn’t work well. Old lubricant can combine with dirt to form sludge, the dark gooey substance that can lurk inside the engine. It may even be seen on the engine’s exterior in severe cases.

Removing Engine Sludge

If you discover engine sludge, you can try a home removal process. To accomplish this, purchase an engine flush product intended for this purpose at an automotive store. Pour the additive into the engine along with the expired oil. Allow the vehicle to idle for approximately 10 minutes. After shutting off the engine, change the oil and oil filter. The idea is to have the chemical compound (sludge remover) dissolve as much of the goo as possible, depositing it into the oil that is going to be drained. If you discover sludge and you’re not comfortable performing this task yourself, AutoStream Car Care Center in Ellicott City can assist you. Our staff is familiar with all makes and models, both domestic and import. Further we understand your need to get maximum life from your car. We’ll work to rid your auto of the sludge choking it. Better yet, we’ll prevent sludge in the future with regular oil changes.

Written by Doug Grills