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4 Reasons to Get a Hybrid

Perks of Driving a Hybrid

Are you considering a hybrid vehicle? There’s lots of reasons to make the transition to an energy efficient vehicle this year! As a certified hybrid repair shop, AutoStream Car Care Center in Baltimore, Maryland has you covered for any services your car might need. With our team on your side, your car will last just as long as a regular gasoline vehicle!

1. Increased Fuel Efficiency

The obvious benefit of a hybrid vehicle is the fuel efficiency. These vehicles use battery sources to supplement gasoline power and recapture energy that is otherwise lost as heat in traditional gasoline vehicles. Driving a hybrid can help you feel that you’re getting the most from everything your car puts out. Plus, higher fuel economy means spending less time and money at the pump!

2. Great in the City

Stop-and-go traffic of city driving can take a toll on a vehicle. When gasoline-powered vehicles run at low RPMs without hitting their stride, they don’t reach their highest levels of performance. They also emit more harmful gases that contribute to poor air quality in cities. Driving a hybrid at low speeds through cities in traffic reduces this pollution, since most models rely on the electric battery in those driving conditions.

3. Tax Write-Offs

Making greener choices that support the health of our communities is worth noting. If doing the right thing doesn’t motivate you, maybe the tax write-offs will! With more brands offering hybrid options, you might be able to get the exact car you want with the perks of hybrid travel and ownership.

4. No Range Limits

One of the reasons electric cars aren’t taking over the market is their limited range. Without the infrastructure to support long-distance travel, it can be hard to take a full electric vehicle far from your house or local charging stations. Hybrid vehicles don’t have this problem. Because the advanced technology combines the power of gasoline engine and battery, it doesn’t have a range limit. In fact, most hybrids can go much longer between fuel fill-ups.

Do these reasons have you feeling confident about a hybrid vehicle? Know that AutoStream Car Care Center in Baltimore, Maryland is here for you and your hybrid to keep it healthy throughout its lifespan!

Written by Doug Grills