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Flat Tire? Plug or Replace?

Well Rounded

When it comes to tires and tire repair, the term “well rounded” is a great thing. First, your tires need to be well-rounded to roll properly. You’re not going very far on a flat tire. Second, you can benefit from a well-rounded repair shop. At AutoStream Car Care Center in Baltimore, Maryland, that’s what we aim to be. We can help you with any make or model. Our ASE certified technicians are knowledgeable and experienced, but our staff never forgets the value of customer service. We offer lots of extras and a great warranty.

An Important Decision

Determining the best course of action for a flat tire is an important decision. You may hope to be able to save money with a repair for a flat or leaking tire. That can be a good option as long as a safe repair can be made. However, always put safety first. When you bring in your car for tire repair, we’ll give you an honest answer regarding the tire’s candidacy for plugging. For instance, a tire with insufficient tread should never be repaired. It needs at least 2/32-inch or 2 mm of the viable tread. Also, the size and location of the damage matter. A puncture that’s no larger than 1/4-inch and lies within the treat pattern is usually repairable. However, other factors are important, too. The tire should be in generally good condition with no exposed belts/cords and no sidewall cracking. Also, it should not have been driven flat. If the offending area is a cut, a large puncture, or a puncture that’s located in the sidewall, the repair is not a safe recommendation. Even if a repair is somehow made, it will put you at risk of a blowout. If the tire is not in good condition or is beyond the end of safe tread life, it should be replaced, not repaired. Finally, be aware that some manufacturers won’t guarantee the speed rating if the tire has been repaired. If you purchased tires with a high rating for the purpose of opening up on the highway, you are likely better off replacing a damaged tire.

Reliable Tire Repair Near You

When you’re contemplating tire repair, let AutoStream Car Care Center help you make a safe decision. We are happy to assist you regardless of the option that is ultimately pursued. Since 1999, drivers have relied on us for tires and tire repair for their favorite vehicles.

Written by Doug Grills