The Damages Bad Brakes Can Cause | Ellicott City, MD | Autostream Car Care Center

Driving With Bad Brakes is Dangerous and Harmful to Your Car

Regular Brake Service Makes All Drivers Safer

The AutoStream Car Care Center in Ellicott City, Maryland, performs a variety of services, including brake repair. A question that often comes up is whether it is OK to drive with bad brakes. The answer is no. Driving around with bad brakes puts you and other drivers at risk of severe accidents or injury. Sure, your brakes may be operating somewhat at the moment, but they will eventually fail, leaving you with few choices for stopping. However, beyond the safety risk, you must also consider the damage that weak brakes can extol on other elements of your vehicle.


While many vehicle owners take the suspension system for granted, it is a vital component to the performance of their car. The suspension is responsible for the alignment of your vehicle, and as such, it aids in the stability, balance, and maneuverability. In other words, the suspension makes operating your car more comfortable. Unfortunately, bad brakes can throw the alignment off, causes vibrations and poor performance.


Rotors are typically long-lasting components of your vehicle. However, if your brakes are allowed to go bad, then the rotors can warp, crack, and even grind down due to the increased pressure and heat. Therefore, protect your rotors by paying attention to your car’s brakes.


The Calipers wrap around the brake pads like a clamp. These devices are responsible for applying pressure to the brake pad and rotor when you press your foot down on the brake pedal. If the brake pad is allowed to thin or go bad, then the caliper grinds against the rotor.


Last, worn-out brakes can lead to uneven wear of your tires and even premature replacement. The fact is, while attempting to make weak brakes perform, you will undoubtedly put enormous pressure on the braking system, which then transfers to the tires. Also, because bad brakes can mess with wheel alignment, you may notice that the treads of your tires are wearing out unevenly. How are your brakes? Have you seen a steady decline in your vehicle’s stopping power? If you are concerned that something may be wrong with your brakes, contact AutoStream Car Care Center for an appointment.

Written by Doug Grills