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Driving Student Success Initiative

Since 1999, we’ve had a history of service to both our customers and to our community. Our core values here at AutoStream Car Care Center are passion for work, concern for others, and perseverance. This is why we are proud supporters of local educational initiatives in Howard County. We are proud to announce that we are founding gold sponsors of the Driving Student Success initiative by Bright Minds: The Howard County Public Schools Educational Foundation. AutoStream & City Council Chariman

Since it’s inception in 2006, the Bright Minds Foundation has been the driving force behind programs to help students in Howard County. Over the years they have given computers to 700 disadvantaged students and donated $94,000 in grants to teachers to “initiate innovative classroom enrichment projects.” In May 2015, they began awarding scholarships to worthy students to be able to continue their education.

This new initiative, Driving Student Success, is aimed at helping improve student transportation in Howard County. Many students have not be able to participate in sports, arts and education programs because they do not have after-school transportation. Driving Student Success will help fund additional buses and drivers to run in the late afternoon to help take students from their afterschool activities.

The Bright Mind Foundation has partnered with local service stations with the initial funding of this initiative, and we are proud to be founding gold sponsors for the Driving Student Success Initiative. From our very own Rick Levitan, “’Driving Students Success’ will really make a positive impact in so many ways for the students who can now participate in after school activities. As a small business owner in Howard County, I am thrilled to be supporting such a great cause.”

Written by Doug Grills