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Does Driving a Hybrid Really Help You Save Money?

Hybrid Review

A hybrid vehicle has multiple great qualities, but is helping drivers save money one of them? It may be helpful, to begin with, a quick review of what a hybrid actually is. As the name suggests, it is a mixture of two things. For hybrid automobiles, the combination refers to methods of power. A hybrid has an internal combustion engine (though it may be a smaller model) and an electric motor that operates using power stored in a battery. To learn more about vehicle operation and for great hybrid repair, count on the ASE certified technicians at AutoStream Car Care Center in Baltimore, Maryland.

Making Sense of the Dollars and Cents

Upon first glance, it seems obvious that hybrid drivers save money on gas because their cars operate on fossil fuel only when needed rather than 100 percent of the time. To assess the entire picture, however, one needs to study the total cost of the hybrid across time. At purchase, a new hybrid car costs approximately 20 percent more than other vehicles. If you use that car a long time, however, (as opposed to selling or trading it soon), the savings at the pump more than compensate for the extra upfront cost. The diminished fuel consumption is owed to the automobile’s ability to run on an electric motor. The power source behind that operation is batteries that store energy until it’s needed. Hybrids take advantage of regenerative braking. This recaptures energy from the friction and heat of braking that would otherwise be lost, allowing it to help recharge the batteries. While the batteries are designed to last a long time, they eventually must be replaced. This represents a high cost for hybrid owners. There is also a relatively low ongoing cost for the electricity consumed when the car is plugged in. Even with these associated battery replacements and electrical costs, it is absolutely plausible that drivers can save money over time by reducing fuel consumption. This is particularly true now that there is market competition for replacement batteries. (At first, the only replacements were available from the manufacturers, but now other companies have entered the production scene.) The bottom line is the savings can be real, yet they are absolutely a product of time and miles driven. Drive a lot? Keeping your automobile a long time? Save money. Rarely drive? Do you buy and sell cars often? Maybe save less than you anticipated.

Your Local Trusted Hybrid Repair Shop

Regardless of the exact amount you add to your bank account by driving an alternative vehicle, you’re eventually going to need hybrid repair. For that, you’ve got AutoStream Car Care Center. Our staff is friendly, we back our work with a warranty, and we can even help you out with some of our specials and coupons.

Written by Doug Grills