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Common Transmission Problems

And Tips to Prevent Them

How can you tell when your vehicle’s transmission needs professional service? Watch out for changes in its behavior that indicate problems. AutoStream Car Care Center in Baltimore, Maryland has created a list of a few common transmission problems that are your signal to visit our shop for service.

Lack of Response

When you shift your car into gear, you expect it to respond immediately. There shouldn’t be a delay when you shift gears. If there’s a slow response or if your car doesn’t respond at all, that indicates a problem with the transmission.

Maintenance Tip: If you want to avoid transmission problems, only shift into park, drive, or reverse when the vehicle is completely stopped. If you shift gears while the car is still rolling it can wear down gears.

Low Transmission Fluid

If your transmission fluid levels are low, you might not think much about it. You might purchase the fluid to top off the levels and get back on your way, but this is a serious mistake. Transmission fluid is not like motor oil. It doesn’t get used or burnt up. If the levels are low, that means there’s a leak! Leaking transmission fluid not only means there’s damage to the transmission itself, but can also damage other systems as well.

Maintenance Tip: Don’t perform fluid service at home if you aren’t sure about the condition of your vehicle. Small signs like low transmission fluid can indicate major problems.

Strange Sounds

You know what your car usually sounds like, and that makes it easy to tell when something’s not quite right. If you hear an unfamiliar sound like humming, buzzing, whining, clunking, or grinding, that’s not good. Something is wrong with the transmission and it needs immediate attention.

Maintenance Tip: If you notice something unusual, don’t ignore it! If there’s a problem, it won’t go away on its own and it will likely lead to further damage the longer it goes unaddressed.

Contact the Experts

Have you noticed any of these problems with your transmission? If so, don’t hesitate to call AutoStream Car Care Center in Baltimore, Maryland for repairs!

Written by Doug Grills