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Change Your Oil, Change Our Environment

Oil Changes Help More Than Your Car

A little oil goes a long way. That’s great when it comes to lubricating your metal engine parts, but that’s a real problem when the used motor oil is improperly dumped or spilled. Did you know that the discarded oil from a single oil change has the potential to contaminate a million gallons of water? But that doesn’t have to happen. Maryland operates a statewide oil recycling program that has recycled more than 15 million gallons of oil to date. Better yet, don’t go through the hassle of changing the car’s oil yourself or risk a damaging spill. Bring your vehicle to AutoStream Car Care n Woodstock, Maryland, and let one of our ASE certified technicians take care of all your oil change and other service/maintenance needs.

Maryland’s Oil Recycling Program

Maryland Environmental Service (MES) operates the oil recycling program in our state. The MES website has a link to help you find a recycling drop-off location near you. Residents can turn in up to 5 gallons of used motor oil at a time for recycling without incurring a charge. In addition to engine oil, you can also dispose of hydraulic fluid, diesel fuel, kerosene, and transmission fluid. The drop-off sites cannot accept antifreeze at certain locations or gasoline, brake fluid, solvents, vegetable oil, refrigeration oil, and oil mixtures at any location.

How Oil is Recycled

Don’t you wish we could recycle everything to make like-new products? The greatest benefit of recycling engine oil is, of course, the protection of our natural resources and environment. In addition, recycling used motor oil results in surprising percentages of reusable products. Dirty oil that goes through the renewal process becomes 71% fresh lubricant oil, 14% asphalt, 10% water, and 5% fuels. This is accomplished by removing the dirt, metals, and impurities from discarded oil. Fuels are separated out, and residual compounds are removed. The remaining oil is then separated into three grades into which additives can be blended to make them suitable for various purposes.

Easy and Environmentally Friendly

AutoStream Car Care in Woodstock, Maryland, is dedicated to the community we serve. Therefore, we encourage everyone to be considerate and recycle oil. Better yet, make the process easy on yourself by bringing your car to our certified technicians for an environmentally friendly oil change and other needed services.

Written by Doug Grills