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Brake Pads or Brake Shoes?

Disc and Drum Brakes We all know that your vehicle doesn’t wear clothes. It does, however, include some components that sound a bit like choosing the accessories to wear with a particular outfit. Think about the braking system, for instance. Depending on what you drive, your auto may need pads (remember when people wore shoulder […]

Ratchet+Wrench Conference 2021

It was an honor to present again at the Ratchet+Wrench conference again this year –> It’s always a pleasure to meet and collaborate with industry leaders and members. We look forward to many more conferences!

Long Live Your Car! (With Proper Maintenance)

Tips for Making Your Car Last A vehicle is a major purchase for most people. It can often represent your ability to live more easily and take care of your family. It takes you to your job, to purchase groceries, to the soccer game, and back safely to your home again. Therefore, you want the […]

A Primer for Better Understanding Oil Viscosity

Selecting the Right Oil for Your Vehicle You know that oil is essential for your car, but do you understand viscosity? Do the many choices on store shelves overwhelm you? Worry no more. At AutoStream Car Care Center in Hampden, Maryland, we’re glad to explain oil function, viscosity, oil types (conventional, and full synthetic, synthetic […]

Reading the Road Signs: Does Your Vehicle Need a Wheel Alignment?

Knowing When It’s Time for a Wheel Alignment All drivers are accustomed to signs alongside the roadway. They provide directions, indicate landmarks, and warn of impending dangers. They won’t, however, announce that your vehicle needs a wheel alignment. Even so, if you know what to look for, you’ll surely receive a sign if it’s time […]

Gross! Can You Help Me Get Rid Of Engine Sludge?

Preventing Sludge with Oil Changes Many drivers worry about the outer appearance of their vehicles. They don’t want scratched paint, crumpled bumpers, or mismatched hubcaps. Further, most make some kind of effort to keep the exterior reasonably clean, whether they wash it themselves in the driveway, take it to a drive-through self-service facility, or have […]

Help Me Figure Out Electric Vehicle Maintenance!

Does It Need Oil? — AutoStream Car Care Center Your electric vehicle is very different from a traditional combustion model, so you may be wondering if it needs motor oil. Keep in mind that every vehicle–whether gasoline, diesel, hybrid, or all electric–needs preventive maintenance services and occasional repairs. Beyond that, the need for oil is […]

Wait, This Isn’t Math Class! What Are Oil Additives?

Understanding Your Vehicle’s Motor Oil Although we’re talking about vehicle maintenance and repair, not math, your savings in repair bills will surely add up if you change your oil regularly. Your car’s life span is a function of how well it’s cared for. Come experience the difference you’ll find at AutoStream Car Care in Columbia, […]

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