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Signs Your Brake Fluid Needs Attention

Let’s Talk Brake Fluid There’s no getting around it. If you drive a vehicle, it must have brakes. Your life depends on it! You likely already know that the braking system has multiple components and that it uses brake fluid. You may wonder, however, exactly what this liquid does and why it’s so important. At […]

Wheel to Wheels: Your Vehicle’s Steering System

The Importance of Proper Wheel Alignment When you operate your vehicle, your steering wheel is designed to direct the other four, but this can’t work as intended unless the wheels are properly aligned. That’s why AutoStream Car Care Center in Columbia, Maryland, has been steering customers in the right direction with accurate wheel alignments since […]

Four Little Letters, One Important Warning System: TPMS

What to Do When Your TPMS Light is On Modern cars are now outfitted with robust computers that make it much simpler to know when something is wrong with your vehicle, and what the cause may be. Beyond just the check engine, oil, and other dashboard lights, many cars now have elaborate systems which will […]

A Hole in Your Tire, A Hole in Your Plans

Tire Repair vs. Tire Replacement A hole in your tire equates to a hole in your plans. Will you be late for work? Will you reach the airport in time to make your flight? Will your child be late to his friend’s birthday party? We understand that a flat disrupts your schedule. At AutoStream Car […]

Symmetrical, Asymmetrical, and Directional Tires

Directional Tires? Of Course, They Roll in the Same Direction, Right? Just when you thought life was easy and that “tires are tires,” your service technician asked you if you wanted to install symmetrical, asymmetrical, or directional tires on your vehicle. Directional? Don’t they all roll in the same direction? Yes, they do, but that […]

Is Your Vehicle Ready for the Maryland State Inspection?

What to Expect on the Inspection Like many states, Maryland requires vehicle inspections. Specifically, our state requires most autos to pass an emissions test every two years as well as a safety inspection prior to registration. Obviously, you need and want your car to be roadworthy and meet the mandates so that you can operate […]

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