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You Can Control the Weather (Or At Least Keep It Cool In Your Car)

Keeping Your AC Cold We’ve all heard the saying that you can’t control the weather. While this is true for controlling conditions outdoors, you can take care of how you feel inside your vehicle. In addition to simply turning on the air conditioner, there are actually some additional steps you can take to help make […]

New Tires. New Alignment?

Do New Tires Need a Wheel Alignment? Although it’s not a rule “written in stone,” it’s a great idea to get a wheel alignment performed when you purchase new tires. After all, tires can be expensive, and they’re critical to your safety. It’s in your best interest to keep them in great condition as long […]

Powered Up or Powerless

What Can Drain Your Battery? — AutoStream Car Care Center Few things are worse for a driver than being stranded in a cold dark parking lot with a dead battery. Most vehicle owners have experienced the frustration of having a car that won’t start because the battery isn’t strong enough to turn the crankshaft. We’re […]

We Did it Again!

We’ve been featured in Ratchet & Wrench again this year! This time, the article is about how we have overcome obstacles within our professional relationships to grow AutoStream Car Care to where it is today. With a good team, anything is possible and you can read how we did it (and continue to do it) […]

June is Automotive Service Professionals Month

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) has designated June as Automotive Service Professionals Month, and we are honored to showcase Jon Karner.   Jon Karner is an ASE Master Technician and European Specialist. He has been in the automotive industry 15 years and we are pleased that he calls AutoStream his home. We […]

AutoStream Car Care – Find Your No. 2 Feature

AutoStream Car Care Centers is proud to have been featured in Ratchet & Wrench magazine again. This time, the Leadership Team was interviewed on how the team came to be and their successes over the years that has grown the business to 7 locations in the Greater Baltimore area. Read the article here.

Hybrid Batteries & Prolonged Disuse

When You (and Your Hybrid Vehicle) Take a Vacation Whether you’re taking the trip of a lifetime or simply spending much more time at home, you might not need your hybrid vehicle much for a while. Is it safe to leave the batteries sitting that long? At AutoStream in Woodstock, Maryland, we’ll be glad to […]

What to Look For When Purchasing a New Car Battery

Don’t Get Battered When Choosing a Battery It’s one battery, but there are so many things to think about when you need to purchase one, you may feel beaten about by all the options to consider. Yet you must have a battery. You need it to start the car and to power your accessories (radio, […]

What’s Wrong With Your Car’s AC?

Potential Auto AC Issues If it’s hot and your car’s air conditioning system isn’t cooling, you likely want it repaired as soon as possible. But how do you know what to fix? You need a proper diagnosis. The professional technicians at AutoStream in Woodstock, Maryland, are certified in AC service and repair. They’re equipped to […]

Change Your Oil, Change Our Environment

Oil Changes Help More Than Your Car A little oil goes a long way. That’s great when it comes to lubricating your metal engine parts, but that’s a real problem when the used motor oil is improperly dumped or spilled. Did you know that the discarded oil from a single oil change has the potential […]