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Check Engine Light Diagnostics Annapolis, MD

What Does a Check Engine Light Mean? — AutoStream Car Care Center

If you see your car’s dashboard light up with a check engine warning, there are many possible issues because of the number of components that interact directly or indirectly with the engine. This can be caused by things such as a loose gas cap, an engine leak, or a failing component. Performing a diagnostic on a car with this warning can be done at AutoStream Car Care Center in Annapolis, Maryland. We’ll have the right tools to find out the issue and fix the specific problem. There are two different settings that the check engine light may appear as. There is a steady or solid light when there is an issue that does not require immediate attention or isn’t as serious. Then there is a flashing light, which suggests a much more immediate danger. Either way, you will want to have your car serviced as soon as possible because a less serious threat can become serious if left unattended.

How Diagnostics Are Performed on the Engine

All shops will have a scanner that they can hook up to a specific port in your car and read the error codes that the car detects, which triggers the check engine light in the first place. From these diagnostic codes, the scanner will provide a mechanic with information of where and what the issue is. However, it’s not as simple as just knowing the codes. If your engine has a leak and that is polluting other components, then you want to fix the cause of the issue, not the symptoms. It is the job of a mechanic to understand and diagnose these problems through some investigation.

Solving The Engine Light

If your check engine light flashes momentarily when you start your car, it isn’t a cause for concern. The circuits are coming online and testing whether all of the components work. It is possible for you to get a code scanner to diagnose your own vehicle, but often this requires a little more expertise than just seeing the codes. If it is just a loose gas cap, that can easily be fixed, but some of the engine’s components can’t be replaced to fix the problem. You may also be getting uncharacteristically low fuel mileage, which may be a problem with your gearing and not so much your fuel tank.

Handling a car’s mechanics is a complex process, which is why most people entrust the responsibility of their vehicle’s repair to a mechanic. If you are in the Annapolis, Maryland, or the Baltimore area, consider bringing your car to AutoStream Car Care Center. We have a history of trust from the community to solve their cars’ problems without unnecessary costs or unwanted services. If you are interested in learning more about how we diagnose and solve the check engine light, give us a call now at (443) 837-6060 or visit us now at 1210 Forest Drive to receive service.