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Car Batteries and Charging Systems in Annapolis, MD

What The Battery Does and How Long It Lasts — AutoStream Car Care Center

There is something satisfying about hearing a car engine star, and that process is all about the engine igniting from a spark that the battery gives off. Keeping your car batteries and charging systems working is essential to getting all of your car’s features running such as the radio, the computer, the air conditioning, or any other electrical component. A battery can last four-to-five years, but since this can vary widely based on many factors, you should visit AutoStream Car Care Center in Annapolis, Maryland, if your battery or charging system isn’t working properly. Caring for your battery will not only make it last longer but you’ll also prevent being stuck with your car unable to start.

How to Preserve Your Battery’s Life

If you’re having problems with your battery, it may be a result of corrosion built up, which can give your battery a less clean connection and, therefore, less power. You can check the battery after the engine has been off for a while and just clean some of the dirt or build up around the connections without opening the battery up. The battery does need to be hydrated once in a while. During summer months or in hot climates, the acid inside the battery may evaporate more. A little bit of distilled water can be placed in the cells to keep the charge, but not to the point where the liquid is coming up the cells.

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Keeping Your Battery System Charged

The most common issue with the car battery is when drivers forget to turn off a light when they leave the car and it drains the battery. The next time they try to start the car after leaving a light on, it will either make it hard or almost impossible to start the car without having some jumper cables. This has to do with the charging system. Because your battery is connected to many other systems in the car, this is definitely why your battery will die when you leave the lights on. However, the engine is connected to the battery to give one other mutual benefits.

The battery sparks the engine to start, but the engine converts its mechanical energy through an alternator and generates electrical energy which the battery can store. This is why you shouldn’t leave the lights on, listen to the radio, or turn on the air conditioning without the engine running. It’s just killing your battery without charging it. Keeping your battery charged and reliably working is like keeping all of your other features running. If you are in Annapolis, Maryland and have questions or concerns about your car battery, charging systems, or any other features, visit us at 1210 Forest Drive or give us a call at (443) 837-6060 to learn more.