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Auto AC Repair in Annapolis, MD

Know When Your Car’s AC Needs to Be Fixed — AutoStream Car Care Center

If you’re feeling warmer in your automobile it may be time to get the AC repaired. The first sign that an air conditioner is not working properly in your car is that it does not provide the same cooling it used to. AutoStream Car Care Center now serves the area of Annapolis, Maryland, and we would be glad to serve your auto AC repairing needs. After 20 years and more of trusted service to communities around Baltimore, here are some of the most common issues drivers have with their AC and how you can spot them.

Get Trusted AC Repair That Will Solve Your Issue

No matter the cause, if your AC does not cool your automobile like it used to, it needs repair. At AutoStream Car Care Center in Annapolis, Maryland, we can diagnose and solve your problem with our ASE certified and AAA approved technicians and service. Come visit us at 1210 Forest Drive or call now at (443) 837-6060 to learn more about how we can provide AC or other repairs to your car.

Most Common Signs of A Faulty Air Conditioner

If you think there is a weird sound besides the flow of air coming out of your AC you can check by turning off the air conditioning. Make sure the sound does not persist while the air conditioner is off or it may be another component making the sound. If you turn it on again and the sound resumes, it may be the car’s compressor working hard for so long and getting worn out, which may need a full repair.

If you smell something strange when using your car’s air conditioning, it suggests that the air filter is old and dirty. If the air coming into the filter is cleaner than the filter, then it is probably time to get it changed. Dirty air can not only make your whole car smell bad, but it can also be bad for your health if it’s circulating potentially mold particles into your breathing air. Because some of us spend much of our time in our car, It is definitely worth it to get the AC checked if the air quality in your car has decreased.

The air conditioning process essentially removes moisture and humidity from the air to make it cool and fresh. However, that moisture needs to go somewhere. Usually, you will see cars that have been running for a while, dripping water from the engine. As long as it is just droplets, this is normal. If your car has condensation buildup inside the cabin, however, it may mean that the drainage is blocked and needs to be cleared.