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AC in the Winter?

Why You Should Run Your Car’s AC Regularly

On the first really hot day of the summer season, most of us hope that when we push the button or turn the dial, the car’s air conditioner is going to give us some relief. The best-kept secret for ensuring that your vehicle’s AC works in the summer is maintaining it during the winter. That’s right. Make sure your AC can chill the passenger cabin while the air is still chilly outside. The obvious choice for keeping your cool is AutoStream in North Baltimore, Maryland. Our ASE certified technicians can make sure that your system is ready to go before the sweltering heat arrives.

Doing Your Part

Once you get used to the idea of maintaining your vehicle’s AC system in the winter, there are some things you can do yourself to keep it in good working order. As odd as it may seem, turn on the air conditioner periodically, even in cold weather. Some experts recommend that you operate the AC for about 10 minutes each week and use the defrost for 5-10 minutes per week. This is not as counter-intuitive as it first seems when you consider that this climate control system removes moisture from the air. It helps with fog on windows as well as removes the humidity that fuels mildew and foul smells. It also keeps the compressor working and helps your car maintain its refrigerant gas pressure.

Think of operating the AC in winter as having the same benefit for this system as exercise has for your body. Finally, using the AC occasionally even when you don’t need it will allow you to identify any problems early so that you can have them repaired before hot weather arrives.

Doing Our Part

If you bring your car in for AC system service during the winter months, your certified technician can check for various issues that may prevent proper cooling in warmer months. For example, the mechanic will recharge the system when necessary. Typically, your vehicle will need more refrigerant only every few years. He or she will also inspect for system leaks or puddling under the dashboard due to a clogged drain, correcting any detected problems. Prevent stress and overheating for yourself by arranging your AC service appointment with AutoStream of North Baltimore, Maryland. They’ll be glad to assist you with your plan to chill out in winter to keep your cool in summer.

Written by Doug Grills