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A Hole in Your Tire, A Hole in Your Plans

Tire Repair vs. Tire Replacement

A hole in your tire equates to a hole in your plans. Will you be late for work? Will you reach the airport in time to make your flight? Will your child be late to his friend’s birthday party? We understand that a flat disrupts your schedule. At AutoStream Car Care Center in Ellicott City, Maryland, we’re here to help you with all your tire repair needs. We can help you assess whether the punctured tire should be repaired or replaced, and we’ll make repairs the right way. Since 1999, we’ve been helping our customers get rolling safely again as soon as possible.

Considerations for Repairing or Replacing a Tire

Because tires can be costly, we understand your desire to repair a leaking or flat tire when possible. That saves you money and often time. We’re glad to do that for you if that’s a safe option. If it isn’t, we’ll advise you that it’s time to purchase a new tire. Perhaps you’re wondering what factors we consider when making that recommendation. First, we check the amount of tread wear. In order to think about repairing a puncture, we need to see at least 2mm or 2/32″ of tread remaining. Also, we’ll note the location and size of the hole. Usually, it’s safe to repair a puncture as long as it doesn’t exceed 1/4″ in the tread area. We don’t, however, advise fixing a breach that is larger than that, located in/near the sidewall, or appears to be a cut rather than a puncture. Last, we take stock of the general tire condition. If there are cracks in the sidewalls or exposed belts/cords, repair is not an option. Neither is it repairable if the tire has been driven flat. If you have tires with a high speed rating, be sure to review the manufacturer’s warranty. Some do not guarantee the speed rating for long if the tire has been damaged and repaired.

Types of Repairs

Regardless of who repairs your tire, make sure you understand if you’re getting a temporary or permanent fix. A temporary fix that allows you to drive slowly to a reputable repair shop is in order if you’re stranded in a remote area. Measures include using a can of tire sealer or plugging the tire from the outside with a plugging kit. A suitable permanent repair should begin with removing your tire from the rim. Optimally, the tire should be patched from the inside and plugged from the outside to minimize the chances of the tire leaking. AutoStream Car Care Center can help you make safe, permanent repairs, regardless of the cause. Come see us in Ellicott City today.

Written by Doug Grills