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6 Things to Know About Hybrids

What are the Maintenance Costs?

Many hybrid vehicle owners, or those interested in purchasing such a vehicle, are concerned about the costs associated with hybrid repair and maintenance. AutoStream Car Care Center in Woodstock, Maryland, has had a lot of experience with these vehicles and have compiled this list of six things every prospective and current hybrid owner should know.

1. Initial Costs

The first thing to remember is that there is a considerable difference in costs between a standard vehicle and a hybrid. However, as these specialized vehicles are more expensive to manufacture, it makes sense that they would cost more than a comparable standard automobile.

2. Routine Maintenance

When it comes to regular maintenance, neither vehicle type usually costs more than the other. Although, it is necessary to differentiate between the gas engine components and the electronic parts on a hybrid. Maintaining the gas engine will not cost any more than that of a standard vehicle on average.

3. Gas Mileage

In terms of gas mileage, hybrids perform considerably better than other cars. The dependence on both electric and gas motors means that hybrid cars can travel greater distances between fill-ups, and that is something unlikely to be matched by more traditional vehicles.

4. Brake Life

Hybrid automobiles also have an advantage when it comes to the braking system. Many of these combination engine vehicles come equipped with a regenerative braking system, which requires less heat, meaning brakes and pads tend to last longer than those found in traditional cars.

5. Hybrid System

The hybrid system is also designed very well in most models, and it will last for a long time with very little maintenance required. However, if something does go wrong, the specialized electronic parts are expensive to replace and repair. Although, as technology has become more popular, some prices have gone down.

6. Warranties

Last, one of the most significant concerns of hybrid owners and those interested in these vehicles is the battery life. While the primary batteries are designed to last, longevity is not a guarantee. However, most hybrids do come with warranties that will cover battery replacement for so many miles or years.

Hybrids are excellent machines, but it pays to understand what you are getting into before you buy. If you would like to discuss hybrid maintenance or schedule an appointment for your current vehicle, then contact AutoStream Car Care Center.

Written by Doug Grills