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5 Signs You Need Brake Repair or Replacement in Woodstock, MD

If your brakes are working properly, you probably don’t take any notice. Brakes work hard as the most important safety component in your car to help you stop smoothly again and again. But eventually, they wear down and may lose their capacity to function well. Driving without brakes is a terrifying thought, but you don’t have to live in fear that this will happen to you unexpectedly. The braking system’s design creates warning signals to catch your attention. Drivers in Woodstock, MD should be familiar with the following signs of brake issues to identify when it is time for repair.

  1. Squealing. If you haven’t heard brakes squealing on your car or another motorist’s before, you can compare the sensation to that most people experience when they hear nails scratching a chalkboard. It isn’t something you can easily ignore. If you notice that your car makes squealing sounds when stopping, it could be a sign that your brake pads are wearing down and need replacement.

  2. Grinding. If the sound of screeching and squealing brakes wasn’t enough to persuade you into the auto shop for brake replacement, the sound of metal on metal grinding should be. This unmistakable sound indicates that your brake pads are entirely worn out and need immediate replacement. Now it is time to pull over and call for a tow.

  3. Shaking. Vibrations in your steering wheel are another common sign of brake issues. Rotors and discs in the braking system should be smooth and consistent in shape, but if they are uneven they may cause vibrations when you apply the brakes.

  4. Soft Pedal. Have you noticed less resistance in the brake pedal when you put your foot down? Spongy brakes that absorb the pressure applied from your foot need immediate professional attention. Your brake pedal shouldn’t be too close to the floor when you step on it.

  5. Brake Light. The final and possibly most obvious sign that your brakes need professional attention will appear on your dashboard. If a red or yellow brake indicator illuminates, it may be signaling problems down below. That, or you may have simply left your parking brake engaged.

Written by Doug Grills