4 Steps to Follow After an Airbag Deploys

4 Steps to Follow After an Airbag Deploys

Airbags are lifesavers. They protect you from being even more injured during violent car accidents. There are occasions, however, when an airbag is deployed during softer impacts, potentially causing drivers more injury from the airbag itself than the collision. While this is rare, it is a possability. If your vehicle’s airbag deploys, make sure you follow these 4 steps.

4 Steps to Follow After Your Car’s Airbag Deploys

Car Airbag Deployed

1. Check for Injuries

If you are conscious and aware of your situation, you should check yourself for injuries after your airbag deploys. Make sure all of your passengers are fine as well. Medical attention is always the priority whenever an airbag deploys. There is no need to worry about anything else if there were people injured as a result of your car accident. Seek medical attention, but do not drive vehicle.

2. Turn Off Engine

Most airbag deployments will trigger a mechanism that automatically turns your car’s engine off. This is to protect passengers from any possible explosions from oil leaks. If for some reason your automobile is still running, however, then it is very important that you turn off your car and safely exit it as soon as possible. Always check your surrounding before exiting your vehicle, especially if you car accident occurred on a highway where other vehciles make still be driving around you.

3. Examine Your Vehicle

Once it has been determined that everyone involved in the car accident is OK, it’s time to assess the damage. Call the police to have them help you document the accident. Take pictures of the damage, and even make notes about it if you think it will help you remember the events. Then contact your insurance company and relay the information about the crash to them. They will be able to guide you through the next steps of getting your vehicle repaired.

4. Replace Car’s Airbags

Replacing an airbag can be very expensive. There is a good chance that when it deploys your insurance company and trusted mechanic will determine that the car is totaled. If the collision wasn’t too bad and your auto repair shop can replace the airbag, this is a viable option as well. It will all depend on the amount of damage that occurred during your accident or fender bender.

Getting into a car accident, no matter how big or how small, can be a hassle. It’s important to have a mechanic that you can trust to help you determine what to do with your vehicle after the airbag deploys. Ultimately the decision should be made with safety as the main priority!

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Written by Doug Grills