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4 Reasons to Service Your Vehicle Regularly

It’s not often we find ourselves wondering how our oil is doing, what all of our fluid levels are and how our brake pads are looking. There are even more things we easily forget about, like tire alignment and tread, because if our car is going, why worry? We are here to tell you that there is reason to worry, and here are 4 reasons why:


Perhaps the most rewarding benefit from regular servicing is promoting your own personal safety. If your car is healthy, it’s less likely to be the cause of an accident. A lot of components that are checked in a servicing appointment don’t have warning lights in most vehicles until it’s immediately time to replace them. Unexpected issues due to lack of regular servicing can be the difference between a wreck/breakdown and a successful trip to the grocery store.

Saves money

You worked hard for the money you have in the bank, so why should you need to spend it on easily avoidable repairs? A regular servicing schedule will end up costing much less than a problem that could have been caught early going wrong. For example, if you were to skip your regular oil changes, you would have no clean oil in your engine to lubricate and cool it down, causing your engine to seize up and shut down (which isn’t cheap to fix). Don’t get stuck in a sticky situation when it’s easily avoidable by regular servicing.

Improves vehicle value

Most Americans end up owning more than one car in their lifetime, and a significant number of those who do end up selling their old cars. Chances are, you’ll fall into both of these categories if you haven’t already so why not start maximizing your resale value before it’s time to sell it? Regular servicing actually drives resale value up, because a well-kept care is always going to be worth more than the same car that has been neglected. Get the most money back you can by planning ahead.

Performance optimization

Ever heard the term “You are what you eat”? Well that methodology applies to regular servicing as well. Imagine eating strictly fast food and greasy snacks for a whole month before trying to run a marathon. Now imagine actually taking care of your body by fueling it with healthy foods with lots of nutrients before the marathon. Your performance in these two scenarios is vastly different. Your car is the same, take care of it and give it the nourishment it needs by regular servicing and it will perform so much better for you.

Regular servicing is often overlooked and leaves drivers disadvantaged. Don’t let this happen to you!

Written by Doug Grills