Low Engine Oil Light: Signs, Symptoms, And Fixes

Oil Change in Columbia, MD

: What to do before and after your low engine oil light comes on.

One of the easiest and best ways to keep your car running smooth and safe is to change the engine oil regularly. You should seek or perform an oil change for your vehicle based on the schedule recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer, your mechanic, and the oil manufacturer. Failure to change the engine oil can cause the need for expensive and time-consuming repairs.

Symptoms of Low Engine Oil

Before your low engine oil light comes on, there are several symptoms of low engine oil you might notice in your vehicle. If you have a preventative maintenance schedule for your vehicle, check it. If you’re past due for an oil change, take your vehicle to a qualified service center for an oil change as soon as you can. Engine noise or knocking is another sign that your engine oil is low, as is exhaust smoke when driving. You may also notice a burning or oily smell. If you notice any of these symptoms, make an appointment to have your oil changed as soon as you can.

What Now?

Your low engine oil light shines bright every time you start your vehicle, what do you do now? The most immediate fix for the light on your dashboard is to change your vehicle’s oil. If you’re thinking about more long-term solutions, you may consider switching from conventional motor oil to synthetic to give yourself more time between oil changes while also improving the operation of your engine with the smoother lubrication offered by synthetic oils. If your low engine oil light was on longer than one or two starts of the vehicle, you might want to see your mechanic for the oil change so they may check over the engine to ensure no serious damage was caused by the low engine oil.

Changing and monitoring your engine oil quality and level is an important part of car ownership. When your engine is low on oil, the chances of damaging your engine goes up. Our experts at AutoStream Car Care in Columbia, MD, would be happy to answer any questions about your vehicle and engine oil.

Written by Doug Grills