2018 Brakes for Breasts Fundraiser Surpasses 2017 Donation

AutoStream Car Care is proud to support the fight against breast cancer through the Brakes for Breasts campaign every year. During the month of October, customers received brake pads for free and only paid for labor and other parts. All 5 location participated and donated a percentage of proceeds to the Cleveland Clinic Breast Cancer Vaccine Research Fund. This year we were thrilled to donate $4,519.63 to breast cancer research – all because of loyal customers like you!

A World Without Breast Cancer

We are so grateful to you, our customers, for the support during this fundraiser each year. Breast cancer touches many lives from the fighters and survivors to the family and friends supporting them. Thanks to the vision and research by Dr. Vincent Tuohy and his team at the Cleveland Clinic, we hope to create a world where your daughters, granddaughters, friends and family won’t have to worry about the possibility of facing breast cancer.

$600,000 Raised

Since 2011, Brakes for Breasts has raised and donated over $600,000 to breast cancer research. AutoStream Car Care joined the fundraising cause in 2016 and since then we have been able to raise over $14,000 thanks to the generouse communities supporting each of our 5 locations.

  • $10,000.00 Raised by 5 Independent Auto Repair Shops in the state of Ohio in 2011
  • $32,848.84 Raised by 27 Independent Auto Repair Shops across 16 states in 2012
  • $66,499.29 Raised by 66 independent Auto Repair Shops across 27 states in 2013
  • $115,236.53 Raised by 136 independent Auto Repair Shops across 28 states in 2014
  • $141,868.76 Raised by 174 independent Auto Repair Shops across 32 states in 2015
  • $125,867.37 Raised by 131 independent Auto Repair Shops across 35 states in 2016
  • $114,389.20 Raised by 114 independent Auto Repair Shops across 34 states in 2017

Stay tuned for the total fundraising amount in 2018!

Written by Doug Grills

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